Melissa Russell (virusq) wrote in dragon_age,
Melissa Russell

Ser Pounce-A-Lot

So. You've probably watched the Bioware Pulse interviews and Costume Contest from SDCC, by now.

Can I just say... BIOWARE EFFIN ROCKS.

Okay. I said it. In caps. With completely appropriate cursing for emphasis.

There are no words, you guys. Bioware was absolutely amazing.

Also. I got to meet David Gaider. [link] So, of course, I asked the questions we've all been dying to ask, this weekend:

virusq: "Who stripped Anders of Ser Pounce-A-Lot?"

David Gaider: "The animation team had a difficult time developing a model for Ser Pounce-a-Lot. They didn't want him to simply sit in the inventory again; they wanted a cat to roam around the clinic. They didn't get the time to make it happen. Actually, we tried to incorporate him... we had one piece of concept art where Ander's staff had a cat skull on it... But that was too mean!"


virusq: "Where is my dwarf romance?"

David Gaider: "Actually... we almost did slip something in there. We mentioned having the interrogation end with Varric meeting back up with Hawke and explaining that he'd told them everything. 'Everything?' 'Don't worry. I skipped the part about us...' "


David Gaider was seriously amazing, you guys. If you ever see him at a convention, please go shake his hand and thank him. He really loves and adores the Dragon Age universe and he was just beaming to hear positive feedback from his fans.

Newfound adoration acquired. <3
Tags: character: anders, character: hawke, character: varric, discussion: characters, dragon age 2, dragon age: awakening

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