Alix (Tersa) (tersa) wrote in dragon_age,
Alix (Tersa)

The Dragon Age: Inquisition first reaction thread

It's here! It's here! At least in some parts of the world.

Post your initial thoughts about the game here.

If your comment includes game spoilers, please try to use an LJ-SPOILER tag (see this FAQ article on how to use them) to mask them from casual perusal. Want it more likely to be read as we go? Indicate about how far into the game the spoiler took place and very general information that might help someone knowledgeable identify whether or not they want to read it (location of the spoiler, party members involved, LI involved, etc.)

Interested in multi-player? Find the friending thread here!

AS A REMINDER: comments which include spoilers but that are not cut by an LJ-SPOILER tag will be screened and a request sent to edit or re-post the comment with the tag. Please try to be courteous to your fellow community members and remember to use it.

As always: no flames, no drama, let's all have fun out there. Save the world, Inquisitors!
Tags: dragon age: inquisition, squee
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