Alix (Tersa) (tersa) wrote in dragon_age,
Alix (Tersa)

DAI DLC: The Descent

This is the official posting thread for Dragon Age: Inquisition's second DLC, "The Descent".

There is both a SPOILERS comment (to discuss the DLC) and non-spoilers thread (to discuss issues relating to DLC availability, problems, etc.) on this post. Please put all spoilers about the DLC behind an LJ-SPOILER cut. Thanks!

For PS3 and Xbox360 players:
Unfortunately, it was announced that this and all future DLC will only be released on PC, PS4, and XboxOne. :(

The general release Dragon Age: Inquisition "Completed Story" discussion post that was previously pinned can be found here.

The "Jaws of Hakkon" DLC discussion thread can be found here.
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